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The Growth Assessment Team reviews developments in the unincorporated areas to ensure compliance with all County regulations and help promotes & maintains quality growth. Meeting with the team prior to submitting an application may help minimize potential issues.

Members of the Growth Assessment Team include:

  • Director of Planning & Development​

  • County Engineer

  • Assitant Director/Planning Manager

  • Assistant County Engineer

  • Assistant Fire Marshal

  • Construction Inspections Manager

  • Environmental Inspections Manager ​

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Civil plans & plats are reviewed by the Engineering & Development departmemts Below are the applications and other documents to help guide projects through the review process.

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This department also inspects roads & infrastructure for new subdivisions. Below are the requirements & documents for that process.

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL PLAT APPLICANTS - Please be advised for plats to be recorded after September 1, 2022:
If the taxes for 2022 have NOT been calculated, you will need to obtain a 2021 Tax Certificate (showing all taxes are paid in full) and a statement from the Ellis County Tax Office indicating that the taxes have not yet been calculated.

If the taxes for 2022 have already been calculated, you will need to obtain a 2022 Tax Certificate.  This means taxes for 2022 will have to be paid in full prior to your plat being recorded.

This is a requirement of the Property Code, Chapter 12.002.  Please plan accordingly to avoid any potential delays in the recording of your plat. 

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